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PC and smartphone desktop wallpapers: customize your personal virtual space Every day, you spend several hours looking at it. So why don’t you use it for your benefit? We’re talking about your computer or phone wallpapers, which – we’ll bet everything – is either an old photo of Fuji, a sandy desert, or a country road. (Or whatever they are called – these azure drops in the standard Apple OS). In the Famous Wallpapers For Desktop category, you will find a real honeypot of visual splendor. It’s high time to change your life for the better! Restore vision, take care of your eye health Nowadays, people spend such long hours using their smartphones or laptops that it seems they don’t care about TV anymore. Some people keep sitting in front of their computes for work. But others are just fond of hanging out in the cyber space even more than in the real world. Every day, they spend hours online, playing games, or just hanging out in social networks. Of course, there are people doing business online, so they have a sound reason for their addiction. The only problem is that by spending too much time in front of a smartphone or a laptop, one can trigger severe eye strain. So, what’s the way out? In addition to the common medical advice to take a few-minutes’ break every hour you spend in front of a computer, there is another way to relieve eye strain. You can install relaxing desktop wallpapers, which you can keep looking at without straining your eyes. In the Famous Wallpapers For Desktop section, you can choose from a wide range of high-quality desktop wallpapers that relax and/or stimulate your visual sense. Update your gadget style Have you ever thought that by simply changing wallpapers, you can alter your smartphone or laptop appearance? Even if your device is far from being new, you can still make it look attractive by changing your desktop wallpapers for more attractive one. Anyone who sees your laptop will feel curious about splendid images. And of course, you will feel better as well! Say no to stress! And the last but not the least: by changing desktop wallpapers, you can reduce not only your eye stress. Let’s consider the case of you feeling really depressed. By just switching to a new, happier, and more hopeful background, you can change your mood. If that doesn’t sound convincing enough, why don’t you give it a try sometime. You can download themed HD wallpapers for free in the Famous Wallpapers For Desktop section!